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Peoria County Civil War Monument

This project was of a different process that I normally do when it comes to CNC milled limestone. The goal of the project was to recreate a pre-existing eagle that stood on top of this tall monument/memorial since the original eagle was lost a long time ago. Instead of my digital sculpts being CNC milled directly and using CAD drawings and artistic illustrations as guides to create my digital sculpts, I only had about two old black and white photographs of the original as a reference and my digital sculpt was used as a 3D reference/guide for the traditional stone carvers to use so that they could carve it by hand.

I love projects like this though because it combines both old traditional techniques with new digital techniques, where both serve to help the other. My desire has never been to replace traditional stone carving, a talent and skill that I have the utmost respect for, but for digital sculpting to compliment that trade by combining both new and traditional trades.