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CT Scan DICOM Data to 3D Printable Models Using ZBrush

Here's renders of the DICOM data for various projects that I've worked on for 3D printing. The process that I used was simply to take DICOM data imported into Slicer 3D then exported at various tolerances to reveal things like bones or tissue. I use ZBrush for the cleanup of the scans instead of programs like Netfabb or MeshMixer because it's easier to close up the holes in a mesh, it's easier to deal with the scans that have an extremely high poly count, it allows me to export more detailed 3D models for 3D printing, and because it's easier to smooth/repair/cut up/separate etc. parts of the scans. It's the same reason that I use it on the rare occasion that I have to repair a 3D scanned model of ornamental architecture.