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3D Printed Bat Skeleton(to support Bat Conservation)

This is the latest project that I worked on with Tim Prince of Forgotten Boneyard. I had to make them a bit thicker than I'd have liked to because of the kind of material it was printed in, but they didn't turn out too bad : ) Digitally sculpted in ZBrush and then 3D printed.

Here's Tim's reason behind this project
"100% ethical, sanitary and disease free, and anatomically accurate. Designed and made here in the states with the help of Travis Barker 3D, ships worldwide without permits. Each comes painted with a handmade stand. With each bat sold I will give $5 to a bat conservation nonprofit. Not only that, I want to offer these at cost (+$5 donation) to other artists interested in switching to something less destructive (email me).

The first versions of these prints are available now at my website and other large online marketplaces that are flooded with real bats."